Living History

I get my inquisitiveness from my Dad. He was fascinated by all sorts of stuff and took me to the galleries, museums, castles, stately homes and historic places of London and the South East when I was a boy. Growing up during World War Two gave him an interest in… Read more“Living History”

Becoming a Curtis Brown Creative

As I stood with my fellow course-mates on the Curtis Brown Creative (CBC) 3-month London course, I had never experienced such an intense feeling of impostor syndrome. They looked like ‘proper’ authors and I wondered whether I had been ushered into the wrong waiting area. The feeling did not dissipate… Read more“Becoming a Curtis Brown Creative”

The Legacy of a Good English Teacher

This being my first ever blog post, I thought I’d share how I became interested in writing. It is said that everyone has a book in them but I’m not sure that’s true. Not everyone has either the inclination to complete the thousands of words necessary or the ability to… Read more“The Legacy of a Good English Teacher”